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Biotopic® Bald Spot and Receding Hair Line Therapy for Women

  • Our extra-strength natural regrowth serum for women with thinning hair. The most concentrated hair loss product by Biotopic®
  • 100% drug-free using the most researched vitamins and nutrients for helping increase thicker hair growth in difficult areas
  • Infused with biotin to help hair growth and caffeine to help improve scalp circulation. Includes antioxidant vitamins A C E and hyaluronic acid for deep scalp hydration and helps relieve itching
  • Fast Application and use just once-a-day. Works on all hair types including ethnic and African-American. Color safe
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I recommend this

I purchased this product after a friend pointed out that my hair was thinning. After using this product for the past month. I have noticed a difference. The product is not super greasy like most hair regrowth serums which is defiantly a major positive. The other thing I love is that is doesn't have to strong of a smell.

Very very nice

This was very easy to use. You just spray this on your hair and rub it into your scalp. It took about 3-4 weeks for me to see a difference in my hair. I have very fine hair, but my hair is fuller and feels healthier after using the spray for several weeks.*

Premium hair loss product for women

This is a very nice product that is easy to use and add into your daily routine. I bought this item because I am always looking for items to help me improve my hair's health and growth. I do not have an issue with having thin or thinning hair, but do like to use products like this to help my hair grow faster and healthier. The packaging of this product is very nice as the bottle is a smoky glass and the top is a plastic pump, which makes this product easy to use and control. There is no scent, which is nice if you are going to use this product after you shower as your hair won't pick up any additional scents or anything. Regrow Plus is def a product worth trying for those who are looking to ensure their hair has the vitamins it needs to grow healthy. *

Best product I have found

As I have gotten older I have really started to notice my hair thinning. I used to have pretty thick hair so I was feeling pretty bed about my thinning hair. I’ve tried dietary supplements that are supposed to help with this but they didn’t help me very much. I decided that I would try a topical solution instead.

I read about this product online and noticed that it is all natural and contains a lot of helpful vitamins that can help with the problems that I have been facing. The reviews on it were also really good and they offer a money back guarantee so I figured it was worth a shot.

I started using it right away after receiving it. The directions were clear and easy to read and understand. It said to apply 2-5 pumps directly to the scalp and massage in gently and let it dry naturally. It was very easy to use and didn’t cause any irritation to my skin.

I have been taking the product for about three weeks now and have noticed less hair loss than usual. I usually notice a lot of hair in my brush in the morning after brushing and this has definitely decreased. I hope that with continued use of this product I will notice addition results with less thinning hair.

I like this and I am really hoping it helps

I like the product and I am really really really hoping I will see results as I have been using it for a few weeks now. My hair is falling out a lot less when I use this product.I've been using it about every other day, I am on my 3rd bottle now.*