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Biotopic® Regrowth System for Women

  • Our most popular hair growth products in one easy system to give you a jump start on your regrowth program. Includes:  Follicle Plus™ Spray, Regrow Plus™ Serum, Caffeine Shampoo, and Keratin Conditioner
  • Helps prevent thinning hair and regrow thicker, longer and healthier hair faster. Formulated with the most researched vitamins for hair and nutrients for naturally improving hair density
  • 100% drug-free. Includes powerful antioxidants, advanced liposomes and recommended ingredients for hair growth including biotin, keratin, caffeine and argan oil

  • Use just once-a-day. Works on all hair types including ethnic and African-American. Non-toxic. No minoxidil. Color safe

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Let Us Help You Combat Thinning Hair At Its Roots.

The Biotopic®synergy of four powerful products to combat hair loss and get thicker looking hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Hair is thicker after 3 months

This system is really easy to use. As simple as taking a shower. just shampoo and condition as normal. then spray the Follicle Plus lightly in your scalp. massage. I use the regrowth just on one spot on my head. My third month now and it is light and day the difference in my hair thickness. Note. the shampoo and conditioner will last a long time. you will have to get more follicle plus as it lasts about 1 month. otherwise excellent!

Great shampoo

Your Shampoo is wonderful. So invigorating!

Big change to hair thickness

I never write reviews, but I have to let you know this has made an enormous difference in how I feel about my hair. EVERYONE notices that my hair looks thicker. this is excellent stuff for sure. !

Need more time

I received this order in 3 days. The product is good. Ingredients are excellent. My hair feels great after using. but it's just been a week. So I cant give a full review until i think at least a month or two.

Yes, helping my hair

When I first saw this product it was being marketed for women with thinning hair, and those who needed to regrow hair. Now I am not losing my hair by traditional means but I've been having issues for a while, due to medication, where my hair has been brittle and breaking off making it difficult to grow it back out to the legenth I want (I used to have quite long hair but had to cut it short site to breaking making a lot fall out).*

So when I looked at some of the ingredients of this product like aloe vera, biotin, and keratin I figured it might be able to help me with some of my issues (even though I wasn't really facing what the product was specifically geared towards).

I must say have its a week of using this product I have had very noticeable differences. The breakage of my hair in the shower and when brushing has to have been cut in half. What I have been using is showering and washing my hair normally, then when I get out I spray a bit of this in my hair then brush it through my damp hair. If I need to hear style I always try to air dry as long as possible then use a thermal spray and style as usual.
I can say it does and amazing job adding strength to the hair you already have and help you keep it healthy.